Best movies for your little girl to develop character, self-esteem and bravery!

Dec 14 , 2018

Best movies for your little girl to develop character, self-esteem and bravery!

I still remember the bedtime stories my mom read to me every night most of them having as the main character a beautiful but helpless princess. In some ways the books I’ve read and movies I’ve seen influenced me to become a true romantic and daydreamer but I can’t wonder, what if I was exposed to different kind of books and movies?

Today the movie industry for children is so rich and creates beautiful movies that inspire character and good values.

If you are raising a little girl and want to teach her to always speak her truth, be powerful and compassionate at the same time, here is a list of must-see:



Main lessons:

The power of the family. The strong connection between two sisters Anna and Elsa, clearly emphasizes family love.

Frozen is not like other girls. Being different is ok, not something to be embarrassed about but more a gift that has to be cherished. Instead of pleasing everyone around you embrace what makes you special and speak your truth

Love can melt and frozen heart. In the end, Anna’s sacrifice help unfroze Arendelle and melt the ice in her heart.  Nothing can stand against true genuine love.



Main lessons:

Not all the girls dream to be a princess. Merida is a spirited and a tomboy and not a princess that gets by on her beauty or charm.

Empowering movie for mothers and daughters. Sometimes what young girls want is different from what their mothers envisioned for them but in the end, mother and daughter must come to terms with each other.

Being brave and standing up for what you believe in. Merida is a unique redhead princess who loves archery and horse riding and says what needs to be said. She is also brave by admitting her own mistakes and taking responsibility.



Main lessons:

Listen to your heart. Moana always felt the ocean calling her but she had to really listen first to learn about her mission in saving the village. A beautiful connection is between Moana and her grandmother who supports her in her journey and motivates her to follow her heart.

Keep trying until succeeding. Moana is failing many times before succeeding.  By learning new ways of doing things and keep persisting she is able to overcome all the obstacles.

You’ll discover your strengths in the midst of difficulties. Moana was clueless about sailing and traveled to places that were unknown. She discovered her own gifts and power by facing her fears, taking risks and standing up for what she believed in.


Mary Poppins

Main lessons:

Happiness in everything you do. Probably the greatest nanny of all time, Mary is able to keep respect and discipline while maintaining a cheerful and gracious demeanor. Even if house chores feel sometimes a burden you can still have fun while cleaning the house.

Never judge a book by the cover. When Mary first arrived did not impress by her appearance but as she proved instead to be sensational and magical.

Every action has a consequence. Mary Poppins has a caring nature but at the same time a strong moral compass. She inspires children to go through life standing tall.