How to teach your kid first words in English or Spanish with IAM Guru Kid Flashcards

Nov 05 , 2018

How to teach your kid first words in English or Spanish with IAM Guru Kid Flashcards

Flashcards are a great well-known tool to study, memorize, test yourself, and learn a foreign language and much more! The use of flashcards it's been a proven learning method for hundreds of years and the best way to improve memorization and stimulate creativity. The old saying of practice makes perfect applies here.

When it comes to kids, flashcards it’s a fun way to introduce children to new words, images or concepts that can evolve later into a way of studying.

IAM Guru Kid Flashcards it’s a set of 72 fun-filled illustrated cards that will help children read their very first words in English / Spanish and build their vocabulary.  It’s a perfect educational game for toddlers older than one and the best way to create multiple memory-enhancing recall events. Cards are two-sided: one side in Spanish and the other in English, with phonetics in Spanish including instructions and creative activities designed to reinforce learning. A great new feature is the color coding so children can group cards by color and category.

The best way to use them with your kids:

  1. Repeat first the words to children so they can mimic them
  2. Show the card, and the toddler have to name what’s on it in English or Spanish (or both)
  3. Group the cards by color and category (advanced)
  4. Practice a few times a week for faster results

If you still have doubts why to use flashcards, just remember:

  • Flashcards have no age limit
  • Helps retain factual knowledge
  • Process and store the information over the long-term
  • Encourage good study habits
  • Fun, a wonderful way to engage with your kids and teach them new concepts