Funky Baby Checklist

1. FOLDABLE BABY DIAPER CADDY ORGANIZER - This baby storage container use gray color with durable and water-resistant brown PU leather handle that is very comfortable and perfect for adults to carry any infant diapering essentials for boys and girls.

2. TRAVEL BABY BED - Perfect for co-sleeping or getting more flexibility when traveling with your baby / toddler.  This is an essential baby item that will make each parent life easier. Easy for parents and loved by babies.

3. NEWBORN COZY SWADDLE- For newborns who like to be swaddled! Keep little ones snug in Newborn Little Bear Swaddle comfortable and cozy all day long!

4. BABY TRAVEL CHAIR - PORTABLE INFANT SEAT - whenever you are traveling, visiting friends or family this handy chair will save you space and money! Feeding can be fun!

5. BEAR / BUNNY KIDS LED NIGHT - This bear / bunny shaped LED light is a perfect night light for bedtime and a sweet decorative piece during the day